Briefly in english

I have more than 20 years of experience in the transport and communications sector, spanning both the public and private sectors. I am a strong leader and I am able to set a clear vision for the organizations and people I work with. I have superior communication skills and a proven track record liaising between commercial and government institutions, where I bring to bear my advanced negotiation and problem solving skills.

I am currently based in Helsinki, where I am Senior Specialist in the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Previously I was a Seconded Expert in the World Meteorological Organization. During my post as a Counsellor in the Embassy of Finland in London I built an extensive and active network of other senior transport experts. My expertise in transport and communications policy stems from working at director level in the Finnish Ministry of Transport and Communications and through several other senior positions in both private and public sectors.

Previously, I have established several import/export companies and worked as a transport services consultant. I hold a Master of Science in Marine Technology and a Qualification in Foreign Trade.